Nang Talung : Shadow Puppets

Nang-Talung is a local folk entertainment, popular in the southern Thailand. The figures of various Characters are made from cow's or buffalo's hide. These puppets are performed on the silouette screen with dialogues and chant poetry n different narrated stories.

Puppets Performing

Each puppet is performed differently such as the main actress is graceful and serene ; the main actor is playful and rather dandy : the king is typically powerful ; and the queen looks noble and nice.

The Clowns
The clowns play very important roles in shadow puppets. They will highlight the main characters, present morals, reflect recent events, and remind people to do a good deed. The clowns also include jokes or make funny comments to get the play more amusing. People will stay up all night to watch the performance. The performers will need to write good scripts that imitate the behaviors and habits of people in that area.
The famous Clowns in Nang - Talung

Theng is usually called Ai-Theng by local people. He is from kookood' Stingpra, Patalung Province.
Appearance : He is tall and skinny with a wide a mouth and white eyes, dark skin and usually dressed in a chessboard style sarong.
Behavior : He likes to mock and imitate people. He speaks slowly but not clearly.
Noo-nouy is from the market in Amphoe Muang, Songkhla province.
Appearance : Short, musclar, with big hip, big belly, dark skin. He holds a pair of scissors in his hand and usually wears an old fashion style sarong.
Behavior : He is easy going, easily trusts other people, always clings to his friends and does not have his own character. His accent is not clear.
See Kaew is from Chuang-sae, Amphoe Ranode, Songkhla province.
Appearance : He is short and fat, bald, with big belly , dark skin, and big nose. He likes to dress in Jong-Kraben (Thai style pants ), with a Thai style utilities towel over his shoulder, and does not wear a top.
Behavior : He is brave and always acts as what he said. He is also sincere and bright, with high moral, and very religious.
Yod-Thong is from Choomthong Mountain, Ronpiboon, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. Appearance : He is fat with big belly and big hip, curved nose, curly hair, dark skin. He likes to dress in Jong-Kraben and hokds a Krish ( a Thai style knife) in his hand.

Kwan-Muang is Buddhist.
Appearance : He is skinny, rather short and fat with big belly, big hip, big forehead, pointed long nose, wide mouth, and dark skin.
Behavior : He is easily panic, likes to make people feel sorry for him, rather worried, and Looks aristocratic.
Samore is from Sakorm , Amphoe Jana , Songkhla Province
Appearance : He is tall and skinny , with hunchback , high bone cheeks , He likes to wear a sarong , and an Islamic hat.
Behavior : He is conservative and aggressive. He likes to tease his friends, criticize girls , and has a Thai - Islamic accent.
Poon is widely called Ai- Poon
Appearance : He is fat with a big belly , big hip , big long nose , wide mouth , swollen eyes, dark skin and likes to dress in sarong.
Behavior : He is aggressive , snobby, and likes to be flattered.

Song is a Chinese - Thai from Nahon Si Thammarat province.
Appearance : He is tall and skinny , with his long hair in ponytail style, He wears pants and Chinese style long - sleeves, and holds an axe in his hand.
Behavior : He likes to drink , however , his habit is nice.

He is callde Ai-Mean by local people.
Appearance : He is tall and skinny, but with big belly , big hip , big nose , and wide mouth. He usually wears a pointed hat.
Behavior : He likes to dance Norah ( a typical southern local dancing)

Keaw is called Ai-Keaw by local people. He is from Am phoe Thung-Yai, Nakhon Si Thammarat.
Appearance : He is short and shubby , not fat but with a big belly , dark skin , bald , flat nose , inward mouth small ears. He likes to dress in sarong with a Thai utilities towel around his belly.
Behavior : He likes to show off his knowledge (but he doesn't have it ) , with non- sense talking. He likes to detract one's attention.

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