Southern Thai

      Fourteen provinces in the south make this region unique and different from the rest of Thailand. The region starts from Chumphon, the gateway to the south,and end at the furthest south of Thailand, Naratiwat.
Southern Thailand is located on Indochina Peninsula which is flanked on two sides by the Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand. The climate is influenced by Southwest and Northeast Monsoons that effect the climate to be humid and rainy almost all year. The topography and this kind of climate is definitely effecting the way of living of Southern Thais.
Southern Thais settle down in many different location; along the coast, the area where rivers enter oceans, by the docks, mountain plains, river banks, and on rich natural sources islands. Southern Thais learn how to manage and adapt their ways of living to survive. These ways of living also reflect the local wisdom in strategies of designing houses and their occupations.

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