The 10th Month tradition

The 10th Month tradition
"The 10th month tradition" is a merit festival taken place in the mid of the 10th month (according to the lunar calendar). People will give the monk some food and consumer's product to spiritually give merit to their ancestors.

To spiritually give merit to ancestors. In religion, these ancestors called "Pet-Chon", people called "Pret" which means one who has been suffering from bad acts he had done before he died. These Pret then have to spend their time after death in hell with many troubles. Therefore, their children and relatives have to give merit to help them once each year.

Buddhists believe that their ancestors; grandparents, siblings and relatives that has passed away, will be in haven if they had conducted good acts when they were alive. However, people who did bad things they will be Suffer in hell. Therefore, their relatives help them to survive by giring thm the muit. At the first latter fortnight of the moon, these Pret will be release to come back to the earth to look for merits and then go back on the fifteenth latter fortnight of the moon of the 10th month.

Preparing Mrub
Usually people prepare Mrub within are family or relatives. People use Kraboonng or Kheng that weaved with bamboo to carry the Mrub.
Prepaing a Mrub if to place and decorate the dishes with Duensib's food and dessert in tacks as followed:
1. Place dry food on the bottom pile.
2. Place vegetables that can be kept for a longtime on the bottom of the second pile.
3. Place consumer's product on the third pile.
4. Decorate with Duensib's desserts with are the symbols of Duensib at the top of the Mrub. These desserts are "Pong","La","Gong",(fish's eggs),"Ba" and "Dee-Som",the desserts are maningful in the merit, as they benefit the ancestors.

On the fifteenth latter fortnight of moon, people will take the Mrub that had been prepared earlier to a temple which is close to their houses or their ancestors' temple. They also provide foods to monks as well. This day is call "Yok-Mrub" day.

Celebrating the Mrub and Bungsagoon.
On the fifteenth latter fortnight of the moon which is a Sart day that is called Celebrating the Mrub and Bungsagoon day. The merit that has been done today is for ancestors who will go back to hell later. People believe that this day is very important. If they didn't do the merit on that day. Their ancestors will not be able to receive merit and will starve in hell. The children will become perfidious.

Tung and Ching Pret
After finishing celebrated Mrub and gave food to the monks, another set of desserts will be place at the temple court, basea of big trees, or temple's wall. This is called "Tung Pret" which is to spiritually give merits to died people who didn't have any relatives or their relatives do not present on that day. When it is the right time, people (usually children) will then go and get those desserts (which believe that people who eat it will receive merit ),this activity is called "Ching Pret"

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