The Fabric Parade to the Pagoda tradition

The fabric parade to the pagoda is to take along fabric to the Buddha by wrapping it around Phra Barommathat Chedi (Pagoda) of Wat Phramahathat Woramaha Wiharn located in Nakhon Si Thammarat. This activity has been a tradition for many years.

People believe that if they do merit and pray the Buddha that are direct (or closest to direct), they will receive true goodness.
To wrap the fabric around the Barommathat Chedi is to be direct good act to the Buddhists then aim to do this activity.

Arranging the Fabric Parade
Originally people who participate in the Fabric Parade event will gather together one big group at one specific time. Nowadays, however, the traveling is much easier; people come from everwhere, each group then from their own Fabric Parade at their convenient time. There will be parades all day long. Initially, most of the parades will use folk music which are Nung-Talung and Nora, music but these days people usually play long drums wish pleasurable music. The Fabric Parade will be as long as the length of the fabric. People will raise the fabric above their heads, because they believe that the fabric is for the Buddha, therefor they need to treat it with respect.

The Fabric Parade usually hild twice a year, on the fifteenth waxing period of the moon of the 3rd month (Maka-Bucha Day) and the 6th month (Visakha-Bucha Day). People will take along fabric to wrap around the Pagoda of Wat Phramahata Worramahaviharn .

Preparing Prabod Fabric
A Prabod fabric is the fabric that has been painted the Buddha's biography. These days, a Prabod fabric is hard to make and it is expensive; people then use white, yellow and red fabrics instead. The length of the fabric determine by the faith of people who participate. At the temple, people then tie all fabric together, the fabric then will be long enough to wrap around the Pagoda.

Presenting the Fabric to the Pagoda
A group lead will lead speeches to presenting the Prabod fabric, and the people will follow the leader's speeches. After finishing the speeches, people the will walk right around the Barommathat pagoda for 3 rounds and then go inside the base of the pagoda to wrap the Prabod fabric around the Barommathat Pagoda.

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