Mak-khum Game

1. A Mak - Khum holder : a boat shape look alike holder made from wood. The holder is about 130 centimeters long and 20 centimeters width. There are 2 lines consist of 7 holes each. Each hole has a radius of 7 centimeters and about 4 centimeters depth. At the end of each side there is an 11 centimeters radius hole called Hua-Muang.
2. The stones that are used to play in this game are called Luke-Mak. People usually use Suad seed to play. In each hole, placed 7 stones , therefore , 98 stones are required for the game.
3. There are 2 play

1.Each plays sits on each side of the holder. Each places 7 stones in each hole. Leave the Hua-Muangs empty.
2.To play, the players will start at the same time called Kang-Muang. Each player can start to grab the stones from any of the hole on their side. Mostly players will start from the last hole, because the last stone will reach their Hua-Muang. To play, the players will move their hands from right to left , and leave a stone in each hole as they moved. The players will also place a stone in their own Hua-Muang and opponent's holes but not the opponent's Hau-Muang. As the player puts the last stone of that move in a hole , then they can grab the rest of the stones in that hole and continue to play. The players keep playing until the last stone of that move end at an empty hole. This considers being a dead end. If the last stone ends at the player's hole they can grab the stones in the opposite's hole (that belongs to the opponent) and place in their own Hua-Muang. This called Gin-Tan. Keep playing until the players ran out of the stones. All stones are now in two Hua-Muangs. Then start the next round.
3.The second round, each player will take turn to play. Play the same as the first round , each player places 7 stones in each hole. However, this time, each player will not have the same amount of stones. The player might not be able to fill out all holes and if one can not place 7 stones in that hole; one can remove and place it in one's Hua-Muang. The player who has more stones will start the game, the holes in these holes, if one forgets, the stones will then go to the opponents. Keep playing until the stones can not be play anymore. The winner is the player who has less widow holes.

Time and Place to Play
Mak-Khum will be played in free time. Both children and adult can play to relax. It can be played in anytime of the day.

1. The Mak-Khum helped players to triands their thoughts. The players need to plan each play carefully, calaulating stones in the holes and grab the ones that will not lead them to the dead end, or to retrieve most stones from the dead end. The players then need to keep eyes on the game, and calculate the move quickly in order to win. These can be appled to everyday life.
2. The Mak-Khum helps people relax and entertains family and friends.
3. The Mak-Khum motivates people to create beautiful and neat Mak-Khum holders bringing pride to the creators. Also this can create another career for people as well.

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