Shadow Puppet Carving

Objectives and utilities
Shadow puppet carving is a hide-figure handicraft for Nung Ta-Lung, a folk art, depicting folk tales with a sense of humor is often lampoons current social or political situations.
Nowadays, Nang-yai, puppet figure is also decorating homes and offices.

Materials and Tools Carving Shadow Puppet
1.A piece of hide (from cows, water buffalos, sheep, or goats).
2.A wooden frame for drying the hide.
3.A shadow puppet's pattern/design.
4.A board, a pointed knife, a hammer, and a candle.
5.Natural paint or artificial paint.
6.Clear rubber resin or shiny oil.

The Process of Carving Shadow Puppetss
Making shadow puppets is not easy. It consumes time and various skills are needed. The process is as follow:
1. Preparing the hide: Pin the cow's or buffalo's hide on the wooden frame and let it set dry. After it is dired,smooth it and make it flat with equal level. Nowadays,finished hide from the factory is more likely to be used.
2. Sketching: Draw a pattern on the hide.
The popular patterns are mainly characters Form the old folks (Nang Ta-Lung) such as Pra-Rusee,Pra-Isuan,main actors,main actresses,giants and the clowns.The widely used patterns for decorating homes or offices are charactors from Ramakian,a great epic.
3. Punching the patterns: In this step,highly skilled work and delicacy are essential. The workers need to have experience and pay attention to all details. The equipments(a board, a pointed knife,a knife,a punch, a hammer, and candle) are used in this step to make the pattern on the hide. During the process,the punching tools need to be greased often by the candle.
3.1 Hammer a punch on the hide through the dot-line in the sketched pattern.
3.2 Place the hide on the board. Press a knife to make a design of Kanok on the sketched pattern.
3.3 Place the hide on the board. Use the punch to make small holes on the patterns. Different punches will produce different types of holes.
3.4 Get rid of access hide around the trim. You will then have a finished cut hide-figure.
4. Coloring: Coloring Nang-Talung depends on the pattern and the purpose of utilities. The shadow puppets that will be used in a play will need to be in bright colors and transparent.
5. Make it shine: This step is optional. A shiny oil or clear rubber resin can be applied to make Nang-Talung shiny.

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