The Local Handicraft Weaving

Li-Pao Weaving handicraft
  Li-Pao weaving handicraft, The outstanding handicraft of the southerners, especially in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province.
Li-Pao is the natural climbing plant (vine) with a round trunk, match- size with the length of 1-2 meters. Li -Pao bark can be woven to be utensils. The most popular ones are trays, ornament boxes and handbags or purses.

1.Li-Pao trunks with at least 1 meter long.
2.Ring-ro wood to be a frame.
3.Rattan to be a frame.
4.A knife to scrape Li-Pao.
5.A 7-8 cm. Needle iron, to lead Li-Pao string.
6.A zinc plate with holes to make Li-Pao string equal.

Steps to make Li-Pao weaving handicraft
1.Cut Li-Pao trunk into 2 pieces, separate the kernel out.
2.Strip Li-Pao off with a zinc plate with holes to get proper sizes.
3.Scrape Li-Pao string with a knife to make it smooth and neat.
4.Strip Bamboo to be small string with the size about 12 cms. Long.
5.Two styles of Li-Pao weaving.
Clear Styles- this is called Kod Kun Rub. Frame the rattan from the bottom like a spiral following the model. Weaing Li-Pao to be "Lai Plao" which is the clear decorative design.

Thick Style: Use Ring-ro to be framed and weav Li-Pao as the decorative design. To get thick style, separate each weaving part and assemble them to be design shape later.
6.Polishing-Pub Li-Pao product skin with sand paper, finally refine the detail and polish the product.

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