Weaving Gapor Leaf Fans

Gapor Leaf Fans
The Gapor leaf fan is a local craft used for reducing the heat.


Materials and Tools to Make a Gapor Leaf Fan
1. Gapor leaves (new bloom)
2. Rattan and Clan bamboos for making a ring at the end of the fan's handle.
3. Rattan or artificial materials to wrap around the fan's handle.
4. Color, the popular are red, green and yellow.
5. A Jugtog knife.
6. A pair of scissors for finishing up the fan.
7. A shape iron rod to punch a hole for a rope to wrap around the fan's handle.

The Process of Making a Gapor leaf Fan
1. Sawing Gapor : Get rid of shape edges of a fresh Krapor leaf. Cut a stem in an appropriate length to make the fan's handle. Trim the Gapor leaf by taking the edge and the center of the leaf off leaving only 5-6 inches. Slice the leaf vertically with 1 centimeter wide. One leaf should be able to make 18-22 strips. Then, the stripes are sun-dries by hanging the top down to make them straight. After being dries by the sun the green leaves will be changed to light brown.

2.Boiling and Sundry Boil the Gapor leaves that have been sun-dried for a day to make then soft. Leave them in the boiling water for 3 minutes, and them dry them on the bamboo rack. The leaves should be in a nice order to make them easy to turn over and easy to collect. After leaving them on the rack overnight, leave them in the sun for 3 days. After the leaves are dry, store them in the shade away from the rain, water, and humidity. White Grapor leaver are then colored as requred so that the fan will have more beautiful design when weaving.

3.The Fan Frame Spray warm water on dry Gapor leaves, then wrap them with a pieces of fabric. Leave the leaves for 10-20 minutes to let them dry, soft and strong enough so that it will not break when weaving. When weaving, separate the leaves into two equal groups on the left and right. The number of scrips on each side are not fixed, it depends on the sized of the fan (e.g. 18 strips for a medium size and 22 strips for a large size.

4.Waving Place the prepared fan frame on the floor with the fan handle pointed toward the weaver. A weaver's foot is firmly placed on the handle while the spreading out the strips. Weave the strips that attached to the frame with another set of strips that bring in to interweave. On the third strip that brought in, rearrange the strip to make it orderly. Finish it o another side, then bring both of the woven strips and weave them together again.
Then weave the strips with the Thai woven pattern by pulling one strip up, another one down continually until it is finished. Use colored strips to make colorful fan.

5.Finish Up the Upper Top Make sure the woven strips are tight, then the rest of the strips also need to be woven down toward the handle. After finishing up the upper top, the rest of the strips can then be formed to make the handle.

6.Finish Up the Handle Use shot rattans or the bamboos to make the handle by curving around the end of the body of the fan. Use the rattan rope to wrap tightly and delicately around the handle. Finally, make ring at the end of the handle.

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