Southerners' Way of Living and Occupation

    Most Southerners base their income living on agriculture. They are farmers and fishermen. What they Grow and what they do depend on where they live. People who live on the plain near or between the mountains and usually plant rubber trees, fruits or tobacco. People who live on flat plain or near the ocean are rice farmers or fishermen.

Rice Farming
Rice farmers use many kinds of equipment to do farming. These equipments are Tai, Crad, Ake, Gea, Keaw, Sak, Kradong, and Sob-Jood. Southerners are like to reap rice in groups. They alsouse a bell called "Lor" to hang around a cow's or a buffalo's neck. The bell helps the owners to locate their cattle.

Rubber Farming
Rubber farmers use many kinds of equipments to do their farming such as cup or Prok-yang, knives, lamps, rocks, hats, rubber buckets, Juk for rubber flattening, and some chemical. Rubber farmers start the day around 2.00 - 3.00 a.m. to collect rubbers from the rubber trees. The reason they start so early because the weather in the morning is cooler and the trees produce more rubber fluid.
Tobacco Farming
Southerners plants local tobacco. After the rice reaping season has ended, they plant tobacco before planting rubber trees. They use many equipments such Fan-Ya, knives, Pangs Tak-Ya, and the storage.

Fruit Farming

Fruit farmers use Job, Siam, Krom, and a picking stick with a little basket attached to its top. When the farmers have to climb up tall trees, they will use a rope to lower the basket to the other who are waiting to the ground. They also to fabrics to their bodies to collect the fruits and also have Keang and Toh to store fruits.

Fresh Water Fishing
Sai, Son, Yoh, Mro, are used t
o catch fishes and shrimps. Hae, Tong, and Round fishing poles, Takong, Soom, Jeay are used for catching fishes in the ponds, creeks, or canals. Thses are the major resources that southerners are fed on.

Salt Water Fishing (near the shore)
Fishermen use Sai which is attached to the round fishing poles to catch sea catfishes that live near the shore. They use Sai, Sa-Wing, and paddles as their equipments. They will go fishing at night since the water is clearer and it is easier to see the fishes. They will use Cha-Muak and Reaw to catch fishes and shrimps.
In their free time, southerners like to raise doves and others kinds of birds to listen to their singing. In the morning, people will put the dove's cage up at the high end of the pole. They enjoy the echo from the wooden vanes swung by the wind. In addition, Southern Thais also plays kites in the kite season.
The Southerners' old ways of living are very simple but clever. They can adapt their ways of living as time goes by to suite the present environment and situations. However, new social values that favor materialism are changing the old ways of living dramatically. Thus, before we have lost valuable ways of living, we need to ponder together to preserve the good old ways of living to the right path. This will lead to the sustainable development

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