Decoration and Outside Area

        The outside area of a house is surrounded by trees. The front area is covered by white sand. The fence is covered long herbal or eatable trees. That kind of fence is called"Dom" or "Sadom" to indicate the house area and walkways.

Inside Area
After going upstairs to enter a house, one will enter a living room. The center of the house is a hallway leading to the back. On one side of the hallway is the parents' bedroom,on another side are children's bedrooms. The kitchen is located on the back. There are also back stairs to walk down. It is necessary for everyone entering the house to wash his/her feet with water provided in wash-feet basin near the stairs.

Southern Thais always keep their bedrooms simple. The southerners sleep on thin mattress that is laid on top of a Kra-Jood mat. Valuable and spiritual belongings are kept in a single unique shelf called "Chuang" which is fixed on the wall above the bed. These belongings such as Bood Book (ancient book), medicine ingredient, and Bai-lan (used as paper in the old time) are ususlly inherited from their ancestors. The reason these things are placed in a high position is to prevent children and women to walk over them. This kind of manner is considered to be disrespectful by Thai people. In addition, southerners also keep weapons such as knives, swords, and guns inside the bedroom to protect themselves.

Living Rooms
There are Buddha image shelves to place Buddha images or well known monk statues of His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen are hung high on the wall. There are Thai betal nut, tobaccos and cigarettes to serve their guests. Thai chess and Mak-Khum are placed there to entertain guests. Bookshelves with all sorts of books are placed in the living room. These books contain various poems and old witty saying that can be read for entertainment and intellectual enhancement in free time. In some homes, there might be a corner for family members to take a rest together and a crib for a baby might also be placed here.

There is an old kitchen range to cook food. This Thai style range contains many pieces of bricks to make up a range. Mea-Fai, a rectangular box containing soil is a base to put bricks around to make up a range. A shelf is placed high above the range to keep food and ingredients away from insects. Utensils such as knives, pans, and pots, are hung against the wall. There are also Lek kood (for grating coconuts), rice storage called "Pleang" with a cup called "Poi", water bucket, Kra-Buay, cabinets, and Kradan-Fai to cook rice.

Ground Area
Ground area is used for many purposes. Some use it for storage, greeting close friends, meeting neighbors, relaxing area, making handicrafts in free time. Southerners usually placed "Krae" - a Thai style raft - looking seat in the ground area. There are "Lor" to inform news to people in the same village and a buffalo horn to call for meetings.

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